Karan Johar meets the Missus for DesiDabba

Last Saturday, Karan Johar the Bollywood director was in New York and attended a film festival at NYU. His movie KANK was screened as part of the event. However the real reason he was here was to meet the missus. He wrote to her, cajoled her, begged her for an audience and she finally gave in and granted him his wish. However she said that she would not take any appearance fees even though Karan wanted to pay her for her time and services. She then decided to donate the time spent to a good cause.

Generally the missus is a part time blog reader. She does sometimes blog here, and at times represents the hubby at blog meets. But on this saturday, she met with Karan, and the rest as they say is history.

The time spent was donated as an interview for a new startup called Desidabba. Magnanimous at heart, the missus thought it fit to give a new endeavor a shot in the arm.

DD is all about TV….doordarshan ishtyle….and a lot more than the typical boob-tube.

Its a combinaton of

  • Askhok Kumar making up his mind about saying a simple good bye…..from Hum Log,
  • The space age arrows from the “dhanush baan” of Lord Ram.
  • The tenacious swimming of “Swimmi the Fish”
  • The horrible besura singing of Ghanshu Bhikhari antics from Nukkad
  • The funny faces of Waghale from Waghale ki Duniya
  • The antics of Ashok Saraf from Chaal Navachi Vaachal Vasti
  • The booming voice of Bhishma Pitamha from Maharbharat
  • The consumer activism of Rajani
  • The crazy stomping of Giant Robot
  • The “light years beyond” broadcast from Channel 9 and the Benson and Hedges Series.
  • The quizzing of Siddharta Basu
  • The World This Week with Prannay Roy

Its all about a famous director coming halfway around the world to meet the missus…..and well what more can I say, just go there and check it out.



  1. Oh arzan, thankx for flattering me to no end! but really i was there for the sole purpose of seeing KANK for the second time and not giving any new endeavor a shot in the arm.

    Secondly i don’t consider helping a friend “a donation” as u so subtly put it!

    Anyways darling, your doing a good job in here, keep up the good work!:)

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