Karunanidhi’s sons, Maran brothers dined lavishly as Raja got boot

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com
    Another rotten family dynasty in politics. And this time not only Tamil Nadu has to suffer. Wish the electorate of TN would boot them out. Not sure what that will achieve though…another corrupt pol in place ? As an aside….whats with all the crazy names….Stalin….really ? WTF !!! Where’s M K Guevera and M K Castro ?    


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  1. M.Karunanidhi, the cunning and corrupt leader has exploited the entire Tamilians and TamilNadu. He has cleverly used Raja to bring all the money he got through scam to his family and for the elections. The enitre family has been harrasing and eliminating every man who came in their looting way. he and his family is now possesing 34 Tv channels, crores of rupees in foreighn banks, land grabbing and rejuvinating rowdies, thugs and collaborating with white collared criminals. Any industry started in TN has to pay ranson to the first family and in reward, they can do whatever they want. It is a national shame that these beggers still make false propaganda and do whatever they like to retain their positions.

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