Million Dollar Homepage

I dont know why I never thought of this idea before.

Alex Tew a 21 year old Englishman, setup up his website aptly titled Million Dollar Homepage. I think it is a great enterprising online idea The Million dollar Home Page is an attempt by Alex,  business student to pay his university fees by selling advertising on a site – one pixel at a time. A pixel costs $1 and there are 1,000,000 of them up for grabs.

You have to buy them in 100 pixel blocks ($100 a pop) but people are buying them and he reported on his blog yesterday that he’s already paid for his 3 years of college fees completely.

Of course – a lot of those buying pixel are poker pages and affiliate programs by the looks of things – but he’s doing ok out of it and is reporting that each advertisers is getting good click-throughs for their money.

[ via: Problogger ]



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