My Wife Rode Behind in A Cop Car

My wife and a friend who is visiting us from New York, had to ride behind in a cop car. Yes a police car with plastic seats and restraint partitions. Before you start wondering what kinda crime the missus wouldve committed to mete out such an honour, hold on.

We are visiting Niagara Falls this weekend as the missus’ best friend is visiting the US and we are playing our due roles as good hosts and hence “tourist-babysitting” her. !! 🙂

Driving up from NYC we had just stopped off at the Corning Museum of Glass and then heading up to Niagara. All of a sudden something malfunctions in the car. This is a new “used” car that we had just bought a week ago. The battery is failing and i presumed that it was the alternator failing. This was later verified by the auto mechanic. The missus goes ballistic on the Mercedes Gods for the malfunctioning car they put on Planet Earth and to the descendants of the previous owner and the owner himself for selling us this car.

We take the exit ramp and just as we get off the ramp the car stalls.

And it is raining cats and dogs outside. Now those in the know will tell you that its nearly impossible to push a car with powersteering to move it out of the way, if the battery is dead and hence the powersteering has no power.

So we call AAA and wait for them to come. A kindly couple stops by asking if we need help.

And then all of a sudden, we see blinking lights in the rear view mirror.

Not one but two cop cars stop by to help. They help us move the car to the side of the road and the AAA tow truck also arrives.

The AAA guy advises us of a garage close by and proposes to take the car there.

The cops then volunteer to give a ride to the missus and the friend to the garage, while i follow later in the tow truck.

So I ask the missus and the friend to get out of our car and get into the back of the cop car. The look on my wife’s face was worth a million dollars. She has the…..U gotta be kidding…..this is all a prank….this cant be happening to me….I could kill you for all this…..look.

Anyways the presence of cops saves me from a bashing/killing….and the cop car pulls away with two cops and two very bewildered ladies in the back seat, taking a ride in a police car for the first time in their lives.

Later on I catch up with them at the garage and we all have a good laugh at it.

I told my wife that in my 8 years here I never had the opportunity to ride backseat in a cop car, and she in her two years had. Even the friend, in her short one month trip had this experience of a lifetime. Of course trying to showcase the positive side of the scenario, wasnt the smartest thing to do.

All in all a very eventful two hours that day. And the bragging rights my missus has for a lifetime….about riding backseat in a cop car, without having committed a crime !!



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