NDIA & Johnny Lever Come to Town !!

My prayers seem to be answered. Johnny Lever comes to NYC… !!

At a show in Atlanta in 2004 Johnny Lever had this to say

“You have a $3 billion budget for flyovers here?

Our bribe budget exceeds that!”

After opening up for this year’s Bollywood Movie Awards at Trump Taj Mahal and winning McDonald’s GospelFest 2005 at Madison Square Garden (the first-ever for a South Asian group), NDIA (New Deliverance In America) hits the grounds of Forest Park.

Whats hip hop without a load of comedy. ???

Johnny Lever.jpg

The group will perform live with the famous Bollywood King of Comedy, Johnny Lever

Date: October 1 (Saturday) at 3 p.m. Place: Forest Park Bandshell grounds.

Johnny Lever is one of my favorite comedians. Cheesy as he may be, he brought about a new wave of acting and comedy in the 80’s.

There is a great interview with the comedian here, dated April 2004.

Here is a recent blog discussion on him



  1. If you’re a Johnny Lever fan I’ve got something for to catch on the tube next time you’re in India. Murdoch’s Star launched this new hindi channel targeted at the ‘Non-Soaps’ category of hindi tv viewers called ‘Starone’. You must have heard about it. Anyways, they’ve got this new tv show called the ‘The great indian comedy challenge’. A stand up comedy talent find show. Some great laughs guaranteed.

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