Nidhi Gupta and Paneer on Emeril Live

Am watching a TiVOed episode of Emeril Live from January 02. This show is dedicated to viewers who submit their recipes and a few are then made by Emeril on the show. To my surprise, the first recipe is with Paneer and the person who submitted it to Emeril is Nidhi Gupta of Columbus, Ohio.

Nidhi is an accomplished cook and an avid food-blogger. Catch her blog and all her tasty recipes on Cooking Made Easy

In the home video that Nidhi submitted, she had an unusual way to make the paneer. After it is tied into a cloth, she puts a chopping board on it and then a 15 lb. dumb bell. Yes a real dumb bell, am not joking…

Anyways the final recipe was butternut squash soup with paneer toast. Interesting recipe. Might try it someday. i would however have liked to see a more conventional paneer recipe.

Maybe I should send a recipe for Dhansak, the next time around.



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