NOIDA Tower: A Hafeez Contractor Monstrosity

The title of the post says it all



  1. I think it’s beautiful!

    Kudos to Mr. HC for an out-of-the-box and revolutionary skyscraper design!

  2. This is a great news for our country. Other countries beware !! We are coming to catch you for the tallest building..India is on a rise….Mera Bharat Mahan

  3. Well
    he is such an awfull architect. makes totally messed up and arcane building but poor indians dont know a good building and he being only avialable we think he is great.


  4. Bhole is right.
    Hes awefull.
    Speaking about architect, see burj khalifa, burj al arab, empire state bld, go to china and see some building….

    I work in Infosys Pune. and that building sucks.

  5. Just like the line down the pic..
    The name says it all.. we are and always will be the same.. giving a quick approval and nodding our heads to whatever we listen all around…

    Saying that the architecture of Burj Khalifa or Empire State Building is bullshit infront of the chinese ones is really baseless and kiddish

    Another great stuff we know as a rule is to criticize everything around us!!
    Thats how it is… we are a bunch of losers *pointing a finger straight on the nose*

  6. i proud to be indian. Its good………. good architectural design….looking very nice…

  7. Is that even a design?

    looks like the top cut off of Gothic spires clad in a Belly Dancer’s costume at a disco night.

    and its really sad that so many people like it. I am an architect and that makes it heartbreaking when people like such mindless, eclectic designs. Any rational person with half a mind would tell u the merit of such horrific excuses for design. They are totally meant to impress people who do not look beyond the skin. And that i think is the core philosophy of Hafeez. Indians need a crash course in architectural appreciation i think.

    Well, in the end , people get what they deserve. Intellectually, i mean.

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