Not My President

The credit for the title goes to Patrix, on whose blog I came across the campaign against Pratibha Patil. I completely support Patrix, and he has put it very eloquently what has been brewing in my mind since I heard her nomination for President of India.

Surprisingly, the media is quiet on this. However let the blogosphere resound. India’s most astute political blogger Nitin Pai is on the money on this, as is nearly always the case. Check out why he cannot respect Pratibha Patil.3

And lastly, display this prominently on your blog if you agree.

I do have some views on this topic. Will wait for a couple of days to distill them into a post.



  1. Arzan

    Thanks for breaking the ‘conspiracy of apathy’.

    (as for ‘astute’, I don’t know. ‘Concerned’, quite likely!)

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