NYC 2012: A dream unfulfilled


New York City lost its bid for the 30th Olympics.

Its the world’s loss and London’s gain.

Sitting out on the plaza at Rockefeller Center, last nite, I was very optimistic about winning the bid. NYC put forth everything it had. It addressed the positives and the negatives. The questions raised about the change in venue locations,were adequately answered in the presentation.

I think what did the bid in were two questions asked in the Q&A session following the presentation. Prince Albert of Monaco asked about the last minute change in venue locations. A member from an Arabic country asked if all atheletes irrespective of nationalities will be allowed to come to the US. This point was categorically addressed with a firm YES by both President Bush and Dan Doctoroff in their address to the IOC.

According to me London came across as the least controversial and therefore the consensus candidate.

Paris blew it for the third time with their snobbishness and attitude. When even President Putin addressed the IOC in english (a first time ever in public for him ), what was President Chirac thinking, addressing the IOC in French. According to me it showed an attitude of not welcoming the world, of a certain snobbishness one has come to expect from travels to France.

All in all, a very sad day for me personally as am sure for millions of New Yorkers.

Hope that the powers that be, keep the hopes alive for a more concerted pitch for 2016.