NYC 2012

The 2012 Olympics shall be awarded to one of the five competing cities, on June 6th.

The announcement is to happen at around 7:30 am EST. Rockefeller Center is the defacto public headquarters of the Olympic supporters here in NYC. Count me as one of them.

I hope and wish that the Olympics come to NYC. Having seen the way the Olympics transformed a city like Barcelona, i think this would be the biggest boost NYC needs.

As the capital of the world (isn’t the UN HQ’ed here ??) it is surprising that NYC has never held the olympics. Being the art and cultural capital of the world and one of the three or four truly global cities, it is but imperative that the one and only truly global event come to the city.

If the IOC can in all their wisdom, award the communist despot country of China, a chance to host the 2008 Olympics then why not NYC in 2012. More on China on another day.

There are a lot of opposers who dont want NYC to have the games. But i am yet to hear of someone who gives a strong reason for not wanting it here. Most say no bcos it is one of the two options between YES and NO.

lets hope that July 6 brings forth a new dawn in this the greatest city on the planet. (Note greatest city, but not greatest country. To know why, read the last post)