NYC Becomes A Third World City For A Day

This is a follow-up to my earlier postNYC Subways Down

This is a comment on another city blog in response to the crippling of the city transit system due to the rains. It is completely valid especially with the amount of money that goes into MTA.

And it was not as if the outer boroughs were the only one’s affected. The Times Square Station was flooded too, as per some reports. And a few prominent buildings in the city especially the CNN Headquarters here had problems due to the torrential rains.

So now it seems that rats are not the only problem within the subway. And where do rats go when there is a flood. Dont be surprised if you find one sitting next to you on the subway this morning.

I rode into work today on my motorcycle as I do most of 9 months in the year. The traffic leading to Manhattan Bridge was a snarl. But once I got onto the bridge, there was hardly any traffic. In Manhattan some of the major intersections in the city were traffic free. This is a proper fillip for everyone (including me) who favor congestion pricing. It goes a long way to prove that a lot of the Manhattan traffic is generated by cars and people who do not live in Manhattan. Well that’s another war/debate for another day.

In the meantime New Yorkers have a small taste of what it is to live in a flooded third world country. And it was just the subways that got flooded. Imagine if the roads were too.