NYC Blackout: 5 years

Exactly five years ago, NYC blacked out. Like someone delivered a sucker punch and took all the light and wind away.

nyc blackout

We were at work that day, and Mehernaaz was in NYC, galavanting around Times Square. Cellphone towers were overloaded so I couldnt get in touch with her. She had the presence of mind to walk to my office, 42 blocks south. From there we then headed home, joined by the thousands walking across Manhattan bridge.

Times flies, and that also makes me realize that Mehernaaz has not been to NYC in 5 years……..damn!!

More critically, Bush is still in power and energy policy is not.

More pictures below

nyc blackout 2

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nyc blackout 3


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  1. That was a bloody good walk!!! Added to that was the cheap wine Bhavesh bought at a store and we drank from paper glasses. A glorious, but tiring memory in my favourite place away from home.

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