NYC Subways Down

Commuters hitting the subway stations in Brooklyn Queens and the Bronx were taken aback to learn that the subway system has been crippled due to the torrential downpour last night.

As of 7 a.m., the MTA was reporting no R Train subway service between the Canal Street Station and the DeKalb Avenue Station due to flooding at the Lawrence Street and the Canal Street Stations.

Due to flooding at the Times Square-42nd Street Station, shuttle service was unavailable between Grand Central-42nd Street Station and the Times Square-42nd Street Station.

Most major lines are out in some or the other section of their route.

The MTA website was inundated with people trying to get the latest updates. Due to the overload their website went down at 8:09 am.

Traffic is a nightmare in the boroughs leading to the bridges to get into Manhattan. From my home in Clinton Hill it was a parking lot scenario on all streets leading upto the Manhattan Bridge. Thank God for my motorcycle which allowed me to zip past cars.

Surprisingly the traffic in the city is better than normal. This would be a wonderful case study for the congestion pricing initiative.

So, if you are at office wondering where your colleagues are, now you know