Otters winning battle of wits

In all too familiar story, whenever mankind tries to mess around with animal and plant life, they lose. But not so this time.

While biologists wanted to relocate otters, the otters showed them the middle finger, well not literally

CNN reports…

Greg Sanders once stalked his chief nemesis — an otter nicknamed Phoky — for 24 days.

When Sanders, a biologist, finally captured the critter at Southern California’s Anacapa Island, he shipped Phoky north to Monterey under an ambitious federal program to preserve otters while protecting shellfish divers from natural competition.

But within six months, Phoky was back in forbidden waters. He was one of dozens of otters that surprised government biologists at almost every turn. Now, it seems, officials are throwing in the towel.

In an admission that the slick-furred creatures refuse to respect boundaries imposed by man, authorities want to officially abandon their otter-relocation policy.

If the government’s battle of wits is at an end, the otters have won.

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