Out with the Hindu, In with the Sikh

The title may be misleading. Or then it might not.

In today’s day and age it is not very common for people to change their history or culture. If they cannot erase it, then they try to deny it or even change its interpretation. There are hundreds of such examples, but this one, is something I did not expect. Especially not from the Sikh Community that is otherwise controversey-free and fun loving.

At least six frescos of Hindu gods, including Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, which were unique specimens of the Sikh school of art of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh era have been replaced with Sikh paintings during kar seva at Darbar Sahib here.

The upper storey would be opened to the Sikh sangat on the 400th death anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev in June this year.

The frescos were visible on the upper storey of the sanctum sanctorum of the Sikh shrine before launching the kar seva. However, Baba Amrik Singh of Dera Baba Jagtar Singh Kar Seva Wale, while talking to The Tribune, claimed that he was not aware of any painting belonging to Hindu gods on the upper storey of Darbar Sahib. He said most of the paintings were beyond recognition since these were destroyed due to seepage from the dome. [ link ]

Re-writing history by way of re-painting art, is not a done thing. Hope this is just an isolated case and not the start of something common.