Overtime Pays haunts Infosys

Overtime pay is a luxury architects (like me!!) do not have. If we did, I could have been a millionaire a couple of years ago and ready to retire.

Here is an interesting story on overtime pay and Infosys.

Information available on the web says that Infosys Technologies might face a possible class action suit in California from a law firm for allegedly not paying overtime wages to its employees who are working on H-1B visas there.

However, an Infosys spokesperson told ET, “We have read this report and are currently examining the issue. Until we do so, we are not in a position to discuss this matter.”

A class action is generally defined as a practical procedural device in litigation for determining the rights of and remedies, if any, for large numbers of people who have in common questions of law and fact.

Read entire story here.

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