Pakistan Cry Baby

So What’s New!! Isnt this expected? Since August 14, 1947, the sole reason for the existance of the “sovereign” [sic !] nation of Pakistan, has been to oppose India, in everything they do.

As is always the case with any break away, the new entity generally finds it very difficult to establish its own character and identity. Same is the case with Pakistan. They have no identity. In most cases they get clubbed into the South Asia clan and that sullies the image of India, because as much as we were all a part of the same nation, I hate being clubbed in any group that includes Pakistan.

I was dead sure that they would oppose Shashi Tharoor’s nomination for the UN Secy General, that was reported here on nVa a few days ago.

As reported in the Mid-Day

Pakistan has indicated that it is likely to challenge the Indian nominee for the UN secretary general post Shashi Tharoor and said it believes that his candidature showed New Delhi giving up its bid for a permanent seat in the Security Council, a claim rejected by India. [ link ]

It has been nearly 60 years since Pakistan came into being. In human society, that’s called Old Age. A time when people are wise and have learnt a lot of lessons from life.

However Pakistan does not seems to have learnt any. How I wish that they as a nation would have something they could stand up for and be proud of in the positive sense. Their anti-India tactics have led them to become the “mistress/whore” of the USA in the “fight against terror”

Nothing better is expected when they have the “Saviour of Pakistan” leading them.

I have nothing against the individual citizens of Pakistan. I am sure they are as normal (or otherwise) as any other person. However the collective conscious and culture of the country is screwed up.

Its high time they start to be proactive in all they do instead of spending all their time trying to pull down India and thinking of it as a victory.

And it is high time India starts acting tough and belligerant, especially in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and blasting away the terrorist camps there. War is not the solution to things, but sometimes is necessary for the longer peace.