Paul Wolfowitz and Shaha Riza

If you are wondering why Slick “Willy” is being linked to Shaha Riza, well dont be surprised.

Slick “Willy” a.k.a. Paul Wolfowitz, ex-Bush cronie was nominated as the head of the World Bank. A few months ago he was in the news for holes in his socks. Now he is at it again, for something that is so ethically and professionally wrong.

In his capacity as World Bank head honcho, Paul’s “girlfriend”

Shaha Riza was a World Bank employee in the communications division of the Middle East Department when Wolfowitz was nominated by President George W Bush to lead the institution. Wolfowitz moved Riza to an assignment at the State Department, though the WB continued to pay her. She received a raise of nearly $ 61,000. [ link ]

The staff at the bank, and justly so; is furious

The president must acknowledge that his conduct has compromised the integrity and effectiveness of the WB group and has destroyed the staff’s trust in his leadership,” the association said.

Of course his ex-boss is all in support of Wolfowitz

For its part the Bush administration is standing strongly by Wolfowitz — and not surprisingly given that he was one of the chief architects of the Iraq war — saying that he has “impeccable credentials”.

It is frankly people like him in high positions that do damage to the image of the United States. The president himself does nothing for the PR and image of the US, and then he nominates other morons like him with questionable ethics.