P.K. Sethi inventor of Jaipur Foot Dies

From today’s NYTimes

Dr. P. K. Sethi, who invented the affordable prosthesis called the Jaipur foot, which has helped millions of amputees in developing countries to lead normal lives, died Sunday in Jaipur, He was 80.

The cause was cardiac arrest, his family said.

The Jaipur foot, which has never been patented, is available in more than 25 countries, most of them poor, many of them with great numbers of land-mine victims. Unlike many high-priced prostheses in developed countries, it can be made by traditional craftsmen, lasts more than five years and costs about $30, making it affordable for mass distribution.

What caught my attention was the above highlighted fact.  It is indeed noble that medical advances that enhance the quality of life are available to all for generations.