Ratan Tata Brings Nano to Narendra Modi’s Gujarat

In a sort of coup d’etat Narendra Modi got the Nano Car manufacturing plant to Sanand, Gujarat.

I despise Narendra Modi’s politics of hate and his questionable human rights record. However I have been observing how he has made Gujarat into a powerhouse state when it comes to agriculture or industry. Gujarat has prospered a lot under Modi, and the Nano project going there is a testament to his wielding prowess over all aspects of governance there.

Ratan Tata, also defined what leadership, conviction, and morals and ethics are in today’s world. Leadership in making sure that the safety of personnel is larger than profits or monetary investments.

There will be people who criticize Tata for going to Gujarat and siding with the Modi Government, and therefore supporting its stance especially against the Muslims. However I think in some mystic way he is repaying the thanks of the Parsi community, who all those centuries ago were welcomed with open arms by the King of Gujarat. Ratan may not have had this in mind when he decided to move to Gujarat, but I am sure there is some destiny at play here.

Hopefully the Nano will now zip off the assembly line without any roadblocks.