Saal Mubarak: Happy New Year

!! Saal Mubarak !!

August 20th is the first day of the Parsi New Year. A time of happiness and rejoicing for all members of the small Parsi community, of which Shirrin and I are a part.

This is one of my favorite days of the years. Memories of this day right through childhood included visits to the fire temple, wearing “new” clothes, receiving monetary gifts from grandparents, eating great food and going to parsi plays or “nataks” in the evening and to dinner thereafter.

Living in a Parsi colony meant that everyone did the same and it was a “jalsa”. It was one day where you would see the whole Parsi community out in full force, in every theater or playhouse in town. Every restaurant would have entire families of Parsis chattering away, drinking, eating, and greeting all and sundry around even if they did not know them.

It did not matter that there would be rain or shine, we would be out in force.

Over the last few years, being in NYC, away from family, on this particular day, sucks. There is something beautiful and inherent in celebrating festivals with family, that can never be substituted. There is a Zoroastrian Association here in NYC and they do hold a function in the evening, but its not the same.

On this occasion of the New Year we wish all our readers a very Happy New Year….one filled with peace, prosperity, harmony and love.


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