Sadly My President: Pratibha Patil

Amit Varma writes a very nice essay on the changes that will happen once Pratibha Patil is elected as President.

Under Pratibha Tai’s influence, astrology might even be introduced in the IITs. Her encouraging words could spark off an outsourcing revolution in astrology, as the rest of the world dials Indian call centers to find out what Aquarians should have for breakfast.

A president should have a vision for the nation, and Pratibha Tai fits the bill. During the emergency she had announced, “We are ? thinking of forcible sterilization for people with anuvaunshik ajar (hereditary diseases).” This is laudable, because it is in sync with the oppressive policies of our great leaders Shri Nehru and Shrimati Gandhi (Indira, not Sonia), whose governments repeatedly denied us personal and economic freedoms – for our own good, of course.

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