SCUM # 1: Salman Khan

UPDATED here since it was first posted

This “The SALMAN TAPES” is what i am talking about.

There it goes again! Another member of the Bollywood family, is embroiled in the underworld. Oh ya, we should do the propah!! thing and believe him to eb innocent until proven guilty!

The CM announces that a probe is underway. When is the probe gonna end, pal ??

I am zapped that someone who proclaims knowledge about terrorist acts , before they happen is still allowed to go scot free. Our judicial system needs to change.

And what about the derogatory way he treats a woman !

This cartoon in the Hindustan Times sarcastically sums it up all.
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  1. Arzan,

    Pls get the facts right. You shud hear the so called ‘Salman’s Tapes’ before passing the judgement.

    1. Voice on the tapes doesnot sound like Salman Khans or Aishwariya Rai in any sort of way.

    2. The the newspaper that published this Article did so on the day of their newspaper launch in Mumbai. Just intime with Salman Khans new movie release. The TV channel that aired the tapes did so to increase their TRP rateings since the channel is experiencing heavy financial losses.

    3. If the Mumbai police had these ‘TAPES’, then they would have acted on them 4 yrs ago but no action was taken. And i dont think that Salman Khan is that big of a man in terms of MONEY or INFLUENCE to have been able to keep such a thing under wraps. If these tapes were TRUE, then the Mumbai police would have acted on them as it would have boosted their efficiency and dedication towards the betterment of the MUMBAI CITY. Plus proving that they are not biased towards the RICH and FAMOUS.

    4. The BJP and Shiv Sena parties are supporting such kind of non-sense issue inorder to distract the public from their own internal party issues. For example, BJP with the RSS and Advani problems and Shiv Sena with the ex-minister Rane.

    5. The Mumbai police did not leave Sanjay Dutt when his name came up in the Bombay Blasts investigation, inspite of Dutt family’s high political connections, then who is Salman Khan.

    I am not saying that Salman Khan is GOD sent GIFT to our Planet, the man has his flaws just as we all have our own. Its not right that the MEDIA alwaz buttchers someone else’s selrespect for their own personal gain. Salman Khan for your information has done alot for the cancer hospitals, orphanages and the old age home in Mumbai city. But never has he publically mentioned his good deeds unlike some of our political parties and movies stars who would go to any extent to hogg the limelight.What have these Newspaper or TV channels every done ?? Do they donate money from their collections towards needy and helpless ??? The answer is ‘NO’. As for his problems with Aishwarya Rai, well thats their personal issue, and we have no right to judge their PAST RELATIONSHIP. Today they both are happy in their own world.

    For me Salman Khan is INNOCENT.

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