Scumbag Salman Khan Goes Home to Prison

You gotta give a “hats off” to the audacity of this guy.

  • Kills a black buck in 1998. Lost an appeal against 5 year sentence for the killing. And is now in (alleged) hiding
  • Appealing another poaching case for which he has been sentenced to a one year term.
  • Is accused of killing one person and injuring 4 others in a hit and run in Bandra in 2002
  • Had alleged ties with the underworld

and still asks for 10 more days.

I would have had some sympathy if he was at least a good actor. But even on that count…its zilch.

Bye Bye Sallu “bhai”…



  1. And each time you think he can’t get worse, suddenly he does. Like…what’s a few battered ex-girlfriends and bashed up press reporters? Phooey to cheating. And who Vivek Oberoi?

  2. Arzan:

    I quite enjoy watching “Sallu bhhaiya” on the screen. I can’t tell you the countless hours of entertainment he has provided 🙂

    He has the formula pat down: arise from the ocean or sea or whatever body of water he prefers clad in jean pants with many beauteous women clad in bikinis surrounding him …and then walks up straight to the camera and breaks into that trademark dance move 🙂

    I can’t get over the fact how seriously he takes himself and that provides me with enough entertainment!


  3. IdeaSmith

    I completely agree with you.


    I dont think he acts well…and he cant dance for nuts !! In the recent movie he did with govinda he was outclassed

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