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Scumbag Salman Khan Goes Home to Prison

You gotta give a “hats off” to the audacity of this guy.

  • Kills a black buck in 1998. Lost an appeal against 5 year sentence for the killing. And is now in (alleged) hiding
  • Appealing another poaching case for which he has been sentenced to a one year term.
  • Is accused of killing one person and injuring 4 others in a hit and run in Bandra in 2002
  • Had alleged ties with the underworld

and still asks for 10 more days.

I would have had some sympathy if he was at least a good actor. But even on that count…its zilch.

Bye Bye Sallu “bhai”…

Salman Khan: The Gullible [sic]

Salim Khan writes an open letter to his son in which he diagnoses Salman’s problem:

You know son, you have a weakness, which is that you are too gullible. Everybody around you, is using you. Your niceness works to your disadvantage. You have a million girls after you; it does not matter if one out of those millions has abandoned you. More so, you cannot lose control over your life for that one girl.


Link via Sonia, whose sharp sarcasm I can’t match, and what more can I say about Salman anyway? What a guy.


Hmmm, and here are more transcripts.

My previous post on this issue is here

Lynch mob is out to get Salman is an article in the TOI in defense of Salman, brought to my attention by a blog reader.

The article is by Pritish Nandy, a highly controversial writer, who i dont regard in high esteem for his writing. Nevertheless, read and muse over it !

SCUM # 1: Salman Khan

UPDATED here since it was first posted

This “The SALMAN TAPES” is what i am talking about.

There it goes again! Another member of the Bollywood family, is embroiled in the underworld. Oh ya, we should do the propah!! thing and believe him to eb innocent until proven guilty!

The CM announces that a probe is underway. When is the probe gonna end, pal ??

I am zapped that someone who proclaims knowledge about terrorist acts , before they happen is still allowed to go scot free. Our judicial system needs to change.

And what about the derogatory way he treats a woman !

This cartoon in the Hindustan Times sarcastically sums it up all.
(sorry i can’t find the actual URL)


Architecture student wins international scholarship

    Sahil Deshpande..from Rizvi College of Architecture [my alma mater] wins the RIBA Sir Norman Foster Scholarship. Awesome achievement. He is the second Rizviite to win in the last few years.    

‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ Full Song Part 1


‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ Full Song Part 2


Saawariya: A Review

Through a good friend, Shirrin and I got to see a press screening of Saawariya today afternoon. This was before the official premiere here in NYC. The press screening was at the lovely AMC 25 here in Times Square. The theater had just a handful of “scribes” and two tough looking guys walking the aisles, lest we sneak in a video camera and do a screenprint.

The movie starts with Rani Mukherjee narrating about a dream. The location is a virtual city of dreams. The debutantes Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are systematically introduced into the movie.

Sonam definitely has the looks and the makings of a good actress. Her character Sakina is an innocent young girl who falls in love and loses her heart to a paying guest Imaan. Salman Khan as Imaan is for once completely clothed in the movie. None of the pumped up muscles or torso. He has a short cameo in the film, more like a special appearance.

Ranbir Kapoor I felt tried too hard to act. He was good in bits and parts but by the first half hour it was evident that he was trying too hard to make the acting cut. His wardrobe and mannerism had more than a striking similarity to his grandfather the late Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker. Even the bar, where he sings in the movie is RK Bar. Blech !!

Rani Mukherjee gives a polished performance, but I felt her role was more of an afterthought. She continuously flits in and out of the movie but has no real substance.

The old Anglo-Indian landlady is nicely played by Zohra Sehgal who brings in some humor in the movie. However a lot of the scenes in the movie did not make sense. There is one where Ranbit Kapoor wraps a towel around his waist and then stands at the window and gives a free show to the outside world. He then dances around in the towel to a senseless song. Who ever thought of that crazy sequence.

Except for the title song, none of the others are noteworthy. Cinematography is good in some instances but is average otherwise. I think that the location and lighting throughout the movie could have been reworked a bit.

All in all an OK movie, and nothing you will regret if you don’t see it first day, first show.

There. That’s it. My first hindi movie review on my blog. To read a more thorough and professional review hop on over to Filmiholic who was with us during the screening.

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Educated Drivers

What do these people have in common ??

They all ran over and killed people. They are all free today. Obviously subverting law. They go by the names of Puru Rajkumar, Salman Khan, Sanjeev Nanda and Alistair Pereira.

More on educated drivers here.

Big Brother Watching you Surf the Internet

While the whole city is stuck on the scumbag being released from prison on bail, our civil rights are being trampled upon.

In an effort to root out terrorism the city police is in the process of putting on key logging software on computers in internet cafes.

The Mumbai police will soon have khabris deployed (not physically) at over 500 cyber cafes in the city. A new software will allows cops to swoop down on terrorists the moment a keystroke is pressed at any cyber cafe across the city.

Investigations into the recent Hyderabad and Mumbai blasts have revealed that the planning was done using the Internet especially, chat rooms. [link]

Personally I think it is a breach of privacy of the individual user and frankly if the terrorist planners know that their communication is being recorded, they will use other means and methods of communication. But as a result of this draconian law, we will loose our right to privacy. Yes terrorism is a threat, but it cant come at the cost of our rights. If it does, then the terrorists have won, so you can pack up and go home !!

And what’s the gaurantee that the same police force wont leak out information of people visiting Orkut communities like this one and this one. Now when the Shiv Sena burns down a cybercafe, they will at least have proof that someone did logon to these communities.

Amit Varma has some tips for you to avoid being key logged if you ever need to use a cybercafe.