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Salman Khan: The Gullible [sic]

Salim Khan writes an open letter to his son in which he diagnoses Salman’s problem: You know son, you have a weakness, which is that you are too gullible. Everybody around you, is using you. Your niceness works to your disadvantage. You have a million girls after you; it does not matter if one out… Continue reading Salman Khan: The Gullible [sic]


SCUM # 1: Salman Khan

UPDATED here since it was first posted This “The SALMAN TAPES” is what i am talking about. There it goes again! Another member of the Bollywood family, is embroiled in the underworld. Oh ya, we should do the propah!! thing and believe him to eb innocent until proven guilty! The CM announces that a probe… Continue reading SCUM # 1: Salman Khan


Architecture student wins international scholarship

Architecture student wins international scholarshipSource: www.hindustantimes.comOnline News,News,News from India,Breaking news,World News,TV, Entertainment,Stock Market,General Elections, Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Indian Box Office,Indian…

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Saawariya: A Review

Through a good friend, Shirrin and I got to see a press screening of Saawariya today afternoon. This was before the official premiere here in NYC. The press screening was at the lovely AMC 25 here in Times Square. The theater had just a handful of “scribes” and two tough looking guys walking the aisles,… Continue reading Saawariya: A Review


Educated Drivers

What do these people have in common ?? They all ran over and killed people. They are all free today. Obviously subverting law. They go by the names of Puru Rajkumar, Salman Khan, Sanjeev Nanda and Alistair Pereira. More on educated drivers here.