Shame On You Mumbai

Speaking to Shirrin on New Year’s day, she tells me about this incident where some women were molested outside J.W. Marriott. She had heard it from someone and did not have the full details. Immediately after the call I tried to search for more info on the internet. Nothing showed up then. Till I came across a link to it on India Uncut.

This makes my blood boil. Bombay has for ever been one of the safest cities in the world, especially for women. But two occurances like this last year and again this year, is just not acceptable.

A mob of 70-80 men groped and molested two young women for some 15 minutes on a busy main street in Mumbai’s glamour district Juhu early on New Year’s Day.

An identical incident had shamed India’s safest city exactly a year ago — a girl was molested by New Year’s eve revellers at the Gateway of India. That incident was captured on film by a popular Mumbai tabloid; Tuesday morning’s horror was shot by two Hindustan Times lensmen who happened to be on the spot.

The women — one in a black dress, the other in a jeans and top — emerged from the JW Marriott with two male friends around 1.45 am, and began walking towards Juhu beach close by.

A mob of about 40 got after them and began teasing the women. One of the women swore loudly at the hooligans.

But the mob, now 70-80 strong, wouldn’t let go. They trapped the women near a vehicle and a tree, and pounced on them. A man in a white shirt tore off the black dress. Another, in a blue shirt, led the assault. As the women fell on the ground, dozens of men jumped on them. [link]

The newspaper article goes on to say that the inspector rushed at the mob weilding his cane. For once I wish he had removed his gun and fired a few rounds.

No seriously, you may say….arZan…that’s barbaric. And I reply that yes what the mob did was barbaric, and for once should be dealt with in equal measure.



  1. you know what? the problem is drinking, or so i read on sakshi’s blog. sheesh! these women are drinking and puking their guts out. what were they thinking?

    thanks arZan, for restoring my faith. i seem to be reading all the wrong blogs.


  2. asuph, I dont know if you are beign sarcastic, but yes. I had not read what Sakshi had written till you brought it up, and I am truly shocked.

    What has drinking got to do with molestation.

    I will not comment on whether you are reading the wrong blogs or not, but thanks for being a reader here.

  3. of course I was being sarcastic. it looks like the only way to stay sane these days.

    your blog is one of the few that i can relate to, so pleasure is all mine.


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