Some Towing Vans Illegal

As someone who has had his two wheeler towed a few dozen times over many years, this is good news

More than 6.47 lakh twowheeler owners in the city can heave a sigh of relief as the towing vans hired by the traffic police can no more lift their vehicles illegally.

According to Regional Transport Office (RTO) rules, the towing van with private registration numbers (white number plates) are not em powered to lift two-wheelers on their chassis platforms as such vehicles are not registered as public carriers (yellow number plates). Only public vehicles can transport any sort of goods and the towing van can only tow the vehicles and not carry them.

So the next time you see a tow van trying to put any two wheeler on to its flatbed, check the number plates. Even if it not your two wheeler, support your fellow motorist and make sure the tow van is not illegal.


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