The Argumentative Indian: Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen’s latest book is out and I cant wait to read it.

This exceprt from a book review by The Guardian says 0374105839.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

One of the most influential public thinkers of our times is strongly rooted in the country in which he grew up; he is deeply engaged with its concerns.

There can, then, be few people better equipped than this Lamont University Professor at Harvard to write about India and the Indian identity, especially at a time when the stereotype of India as a land of exoticism and mysticism is being supplanted with the stereotype of India as the back office of the world.

In this superb collection of essays, Sen smashes quite a few stereotypes and places the idea of India and Indianness in its rightful, deserved context. Central to his notion of India, as the title suggests, is the long tradition of argument and public debate, of intellectual pluralism and generosity that informs India’s history.

Currently this book is not available on Amazon US but can be ordered from Amazon UK

Here is a nice article on Amartya Sen in Frontline Jan 1999.


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