The End of Soccer Mania

Today an important event ended. Tomorrow the world can go back to its boring mundane self. Yes the Soccer World Cup ended. For another four years, millions will re-live these 30 days, and the Italians will do so more for about three generations. Italy was my favorite the moment they entered the quarters. I made some good chump change betting on Italy !

Of course what left a bad taste was the Zidane headbutt in the finals. I am sure that there is more to it, and reading about the instigating Italian player, it looks like he has a history of racial slurs etc. Will wait for the whole story to come out. In the meantime these are some random observations.

Most Americans are ignorant about the worlds most played sport.

Ronaldinho, failed to impress.

The goalkeepers are the most underrated players in the team.

The European teams are too serious when they play. The South Americans are very carefree in their play. Body language, baby.

Penalty Kicks is a very “anti-climax”-ial way to end the World Cup. I don’t have a better idea. Maybe you do.

American TV needs more knowledgeable commentators. And they should stop showing clips of some stupid golf tournament in the middle of the finals.

Buffon was a worth receipiant of the Lev Yashin Award.

There are a lot of things I did not know about the finals. See if you do….here

A big thanks to Patrix for drawing my attention to the TVU Player. What would I have done without it ? Made me a very popular guy with the office crowd , except the IT Manager.!

Brazil and Spain deserve the Fair Play Award.

The World Cup did not throw up one brilliant amazing superstar we all did not know from before. The oldies were goldies…Zidane, Ronaldo (maybe)…u get the gist.

Some of the first round matches were the best ones. Lesser known teams with lesser expectations played amazing soccer.

So, all’s well that ends well. Till we meet again in South Africa in 2010