The “GATES” on water !

Early spring this year “The Gates” exhibition was held in Central Park New York. Here are some pictures I and another work colleague took.

Today GridSkipper talks about

“….So, a miniature island version of Central Park is getting towed around the larger island of Manhattan  It’s called “Floating Island,” appropriately enough, and the artsy whatchamacallit is occurring at the behest of the Whitney Museum of American Art and “in conjunction” with artist-designer Robert Smithson, who’s conjuncting pretty impressively these days considering he’s been dead for 22 years.


Anyway, the bestest thing happened when the barge towing the mini Central Park found itself pursued by a motorboat bearing a miniature version of one of Christo and Jean-Claude’s Gates. The orange Gates were installed throughout Central Park this past winter to much bemusement and amusing parody.




The barge pilot was not amused, however, grumbling, “When I saw the kind of rig he was running, I didn’t want him getting no closer. Joker like that? In a motorboat? I don’t need that.” The mini-Gate motorboat was itself towing a small rowboat bearing a guy armed with a video camera.

No word if the rowboat was towing a washtub carrying a monkey with a digital camera, etc. They motorboat never caught the barge, and those responsible for the prank/stunt were surly and refused to identify themselves. Brooklynite Ian Adelman captured the pic above, as well as the closeup of the perps below “