The Question Of Evangelism In India

    Houston-based Central India Christian Mission. In 2010 alone, its evangelical missionaries proselytized to over 320,000 people and converted more than 19,600 inhabitants — that’s enough people to fill a basketball arena — in central India. This is only one of countless U.S. based Christian organizations engaged in aggressive and predatory “soul harvesting” campaigns.    


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  1. Attacks on the Christians and their fundamental right to proclaim the gospel
    is turning like the normal norm for some people, and the main cause is
    the devious political agenda.

    How many Hindu Temples were in the U.S. forty years back, and now see the
    number of Hindu Temples in the U.S.

    Indians born in India can’t proclaim their faith openly, but they are being
    tormented under the hypothetical and imaginary phobia of ” Indian culture
    is in danger”.

    The converted people are not like the Naxalites, but their lives were transformed
    with peace and joy, and they are going to share the same joy and peace with
    the neighbour. Why, we hate peace and joy from the society; that is an

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