The Taepodong Strikes

The Taepodong struck. In case you are wondering, the Taepodong is not some sex toy [NSFW], or haiku sex act. It is the long range missile owned by North Korea. The DPRK as it is officially known is ruled by one of the last remaining despotic leaders, the world has known.

Kim Jong-Il or “The Great Leader” as he is “fondly” called by his citizens, has thumbed the concerns of the West, and gone ahead and tested his missiles. He could care less. He has not been a part of the NPT and this missile launch was anticipated for at least a month by the Western governments.

What is very interesting in this whole scenario, is the complete silence of North Korea’s neighbor and a fellow communist regime, the “great” nation of China.

China, and its despotic communist government has the ability to bring North Korea to its knees by stopping all trade activities. North Korea imports everything from fuel and gas to food and other necessities.

But as usual China, keeps quiet. It will not castigate North Korea, as the US requested because it wants to bargain Taiwan with the US. The US will not rescind and call Taiwan a territory of China. And, rightly so. And so China will not rebuke North Korea. It will be interesting if one day, Kim Jong-Il aims this same Taepodong towards Beijing. How loud a slap would that be in China’s face !!

Kim Jong-Il has the chutzpah that only a fool gets. The people of his country starve to death. Millions have died of starvation in the last two decades. The infrastructure is from the 1950’s. The people live in complete isolation from the outside world. Human rights abuses are not even accounted for because there is no way to do it. It’s a closed kingdom. At the same time, Kim lives in lavish luxury, consuming crates of Cognac, and driving around in the latest machinery.

All of this has an indirect implication to India. North Korea was supplied missile technology by our “friendly” neighbors Pakistan. This fact seems to get lost in all the rhetoric that’s going on at the UN. So on the one hand, Pakistan is supposedly helping in the fight against terror, but on the other hand it supplies rogue nations with missile technology.

Isn’t it time that Pakistan was also moved into the “axis of terror“?