The U.N. is welcome in NYC.

Over at Metrblogging NYC (where I blog) Guest blogger Blaine Zuver from Miami (escaping from the city over run by Cubans) is in town to cover some events at the UN. One of the commenters on his post got me riled enough to write this one

The commenter says

Does anyone else feel frustrated with these diplomatic events? Luckily, I don’t have to drive, but I feel like these diplomats come to NYC, clog up the whole city like a toilet in a poor-quality mexican restaurant, and get together for some seemily arbitrary meeting. It seems every pointless to me, and more a source of frustration for NYers than anything else.

This is one of the most myopic tirades I have heard in a while.

New York has forever been the de facto “capital of the world”. Go anywhere in the world and utter the word USA. Depending on where you are geographically you will either get brickbats (mostly) or boquets (rarely). However politics aside, the one city that the world relates to is New York. The city has pre eminence as the center of the financial and cultural world.

And this was precisely the reason that the United Nations decided to set base here in 1945 when it was formed.

And hence, we can safely claim to be residents of the world capital. With every bragging right comes some inconvenience. Yes traffic is all crazy, and the Midtown East is a no-go-to neighborhood. But so what. Its for one week in a year. And it’s only prohibitive for cars to be in that area. Which diehard NYCer drives. So then what are you bothered about ?

At the same time, the city gets an opportunity to be host to the heads of nations from all over the world. We should be proud of it. The UN according to me is an integral part of the world. There will be many that disagree. Thats a topic for another post.

However to whine away about inconveniences is so not NYC !!

Are we going soft in the belly ?? Just yesterday I heard about protests by people who want the Fashion Week moved out of Bryant Park. Why ?? Because some people could not sit out in the park for a week. Come on !!

If you want to sit in a park, go to Central Park. Its a whole bloody jungle out there.

Same way. If the traffic inconveniences you, go live in New Jersey. If you don’t come back running within six months, I will say good riddance. And if you do…well what can I say.

So welcome to the world leaders coming to the UN. You have my support and good wishes. If you wish to hear more of my views on making the world a better place, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

And you whiny NYCer, comments are open. Cry your heart out here, and leave the UN alone.


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