Tiger Hakka Noodles

There is a popular urban legend: “If it moves, the chinese will eat it”.

Next time you go to your neighborhood chinese restaurant, order the Tiger American Chopsuey. Actually to do that you wil have to travel Hailin, China.

The restaurant was

offering a dish of stir-fried tiger meat with hot peppers for 800 yuan (98 dollars), and raw tiger meat at 7,000 yuan (863 dollars) a kilogram,

the China Daily reported Thursday.

Now are you taste buds salivating ??

Wait, it gets even better.

When asked how the restaurant obtained the meat, a waiter reportedly said the owner had good connections within the tiger park and got the meat of dead tigers.

But, but, but…..

Police subsequently raided the restaurant and the owner confessed the so-called tiger meat was actually donkey meat dressed with tiger urine to give it a “special” flavour.



  1. Hmm arZan, next time I’ll be wondering…is it dog meat dressed with lamb pee in that crispy fried dish? Nevertheless, long live Chinese cuisine! Will stick to the straight and narrow (chicken I mean)!!

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