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The Vietnamese Sandwich | Banh Mi in America


IIPM Crooks at It Again

Seems some people just don’t learn. Its been about a year and a half since the whole IIPM fiasco exploded on the Indian Blogosphere. IIPM was found out to be the crooked institute it is. However, they think that public memory is short and hence this advertisement in today’s DNA.

If you are wondering what this is about, read Gaurav Sabnis to know how it all started. And then hop on over to DesiPundit for the most extensive coverage. If you would like to know my thoughts go here.

And this is their latest ad. Surprising that their so called founder director has to publish his article as a paid advertisement. And of course you see ponytail baba there too.

Its a thumbnail. Click to see entire ad and read with clarity.

IIPM: Crooks At Work to Sanitize Image

Its that time of the year again, and it seems that the scumbag machinery is in stealth mode. Indian bloggers will remember October 10, 2005 as the day they came of age and stood up to a scumbag institution that forced a blogger to quit his job, all because to highlighted the truth. Gaurav Sabnis the blogger, and IIPM the scumbag institution.

A lot of venom was spewed, investigative journalism ensued, people expressed their opinions, and it made news in the international blogosphere.

DesiPundit, the clearinghouse for all blogs Indian, became the central rally point. The sustained campaign, made IIPM backtrack a little and their ludicrous claims in the press seemed to have subsided for a while. But just when u think that they would have learnt a lesson, they are back to their old tricks.

This is the season of results. Engineering results, HSC results, medical results, all results will be out in the month or two ahead. This is the time students start thinking about the next step in their professional and academic careers. IIPM puts big ads in newspapers and the students start believing them. But somewhere in the back of their minds they remember hearing something about the said institution. Checking old newspapers or their sites does not help because no mainstream media covered the story with the importance it needed. So the student turns to the biggest media of them all, the internet.

Why I Moved from Movable Type to WordPress

In the middle of this week I migrated my blog from Movable Type to WordPress. The migration was not as easy as I would have hoped for and I had to tweak a lot of stuff to make sure that it all went well.

Firstly the reason for my move. If you remember, in the past I had commented about how all WordPress blogs look the same. Two of my favorite bloggers were mentioned and they duly showed their dissent, here and here. And of course I run my other blog Parsi Khabar on WP from the get go.

The move from Movable Type was forced by economics. A few entries of mine got “Dugg” and “Farked” and that brought around a huge surge in traffic. Infact so huge that my site hogged about 99% of the resources on the shared server at Lunarpages. For those who know how shared servers work, you realize that its a complete no no. General resource usage is supposed to be in 1-3% range. Around the same time I had a massive trackback spam attack and the cgi script all but went bananas.

Lunarpages gave me two options. Either upgrade to a dedicated server at about $ 99 a month, or move to WP which they install and support. I chose the latter. I blog as a hobby and therefore cannot afford or sustain the cost of a dedicated server.

Therefore the choice of moving platforms was not one of choice per se.

I still feel that Movable Type offers a lot more flexibility in design. I remember reading on some discussion forum that Movable Type was designed by designers and WordPress by techies. And so in that regard WP is solid strong on the tech front with great spam filtering etc. But very difficult to completely customise. Unless you are a hard core PHP coder.

The real challenge was to set up my new blog such that all my permalinks from the older blog would work in the newer one. I also did not want to move my blog to another directory and loose my Google Page Rank and TTLB rating and Technorati Tags etc.

Thus WP was coaxed into accepting permalinks in a customized fashion and I daresay that it works seamlessly. This is from the few preliminary tests I have done. Of course I will monitor my logs for 404 errors and keep on tweaking in the near future.

I will miss Movable Type. I wish I did not have to make the change. But then so is life. You sometimes need to make hard choices and get on.

IIPM: Screws Up…Again !!

Dilip D’Souza has a great post on Death Ends Fun about scrupulous advertising by the favorite management instutute of the Indian Blogosphere.

Here is the ad he is talking about. Read his entire post for the whole dissection.

IIPM Ad in Hindustan Times

Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak

Jamshedi Navroze is one of the three main festive days in the Parsi Calendar. The others being Parsi New year in August and Khordad Saal, the birthday of Zarathustra.

Navroze falls on March 21st, which is also Spring Equinox. It is celebrated the world over in various manifestations. It heralds the coming of Spring. In Iran it is celebrated as a ten day celebration and is the one Zoroastrian festival celebrated in an otherwise Islamic country.

In India, it is another day for us Bawas to party and eat and drink….as if we ever need a reason. Since it is not a public holiday, most celebrations are reserved for the evening……Continue reading

Parsi Khabar has a series of post on the occassion of Navroze.

Navroze: Noruz: Nowroj: What’s in a name ??

Small yet big
Jamshedi Navroze….a festival to welcome Spring
Navroze: A great time to bond
Noruz in Iran

My Other Half in the Blog World

Over the past couple of days, I haven’t had the chance to blog here. In case you thought something was wrong with your RSS reader, do not despair. There was nothing to update as I was busy catching up on my other blog in the blogosphere.

Besides being a group blogger on Metroblogging NYC, Metroblogging Mumbai and Naachgaana, I also run another blog titled Parsi Khabar.  

From time to time, I cross post article here on nVa and Parsi Khabar both.

The blog is an aggregator blog of news appearing in the online realm. From time to time, I write personal opinions on this site.

A big task in this blog is to update the numerous articles that appear in newspapers around the world, featuring something or the other about Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India.

So if you haven’t ever had time to check it out, do drop by and have a look. I promise you will like what you see. 

Honking, the National Pastime

Coming to Bombay after an extended period of time, and you have a direct assault on your senses. And the biggest one, according to me is the noise pollution. Or specifically, the honking of vehicles.

It is incessant. More like a national pastime, or as if its some involuntary action necessary, like breathing on the beating of your heart. Its as if your life depends on it.

Continue reading here

Norman Foster at WTC

It was announced today that Sir Norman Foster will design an office tower in the WTC Complex. This is great news for the city of New York in many ways.

After the horrendous “Freedom Tower” monstrosity that is being designed by David Childs, this is a great boost for quality architecture in a city that somehow lacks the cutting edge design that one would expect in the greatest city in the world.

Continue reading at Metblogs NYC

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Thats the new parking lot I shall use from today onwards. Do not worry. I havent abandoned either of my primary parking spots; nVa or pK. Being the global traveller I am, I am also keeping a parking place in NYC and now this new one in Bollywood.

Bollywood and me….aaah !!! Yes, surprises do not cease to happen. And so I will be a regular contributor on, a blog on bollywood and everything that encompasses that insanity.

Since I dont see hindi movies…..or mostly any other movies, what you may ask, am I doing on a bollywood blog.

Well I am the Resident Pessimist on the blog.

Hop on there to read my first post.