USCIS Rejecting All I-485 Applications

A quick example of how screwed up the US government machinery is, can be gauged by the fact that just 13 days after they announced the current status of processing I-485, they come out with a bulletin that says that all applications are stopped and none will be accepted.

Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations in response to requests for Employment-based preference cases.  All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation have been made available. [Link to USCIS Website] is one of the best sites to get your updates and a very thorough explanation of the shenanigans of the system. On this issue they write

 We think that, apparently, the reason for this strange unfolding of events is that, by completing adjudication of an unprecedented number of I-485 cases, the USCIS is pushing the DOS to issue a revised Visa Bulletin early next week. The goal of USCIS appears to be to make the immigrant visa numbers “unavailable” as early as possible by exhausting the entire visa numbers for fiscal year 2007 (until Sep 30, 2007).

There is a lot of speculation as to the reason for this, including that the USCIS does not want too many I-485 cases to be filed while they are trying to clear their backlogs and that they want people to pay the substantially higher USCIS filing fees that will take effect from July 27, 2007 onwards. What ever the reason, we believe their actions are not acceptable and are in violation of the law. [Link to Article]

There is also a strong belief that this is being done so that everyone who files will have to do so under the higher fee structure which comes into effect from August 01, 2007.

And all this while the Congress goes about creating sops for illegal immigrants. Legal immigration brings in educated, skilled, professional people who have been obeying laws and paying taxes for years. And in typical politician fashion, they get shafted in their rear end for it.

Next time anyone complains about India’s politicians, I ask them to look at their so-called ‘educated” American counterparts. The Americans will defeat the Indian politicos hands down in their lack of common sense and stupid law making.

Disgusting indeed !



  1. This has caused pain,agony and anger to me and my family and all the fellow legal immigrants in the same boat as me. Our emotions saw topsy turvy in the last few days. Thousands of dollars spent in medicals, attorney fees and misc. expenses. Not only this but our parents back in india spent a lot of money and efforts to get birth certificates/affidavits etc.
    Now what can I say, I am just hurt and big time.

  2. With the USCIS tripling the immigration application filing fees from coming July 30th, 2007 them rejecting the applications of eligible qualified employment based immigrants potrays a very poor picture of one of the highest and reliable offices in the USA. These legal immigrants are waiting for almost 10 to 12 years before being able to file for the final stage of immigration that USCIS opened for the month of July and revised the visa bulletin date on 2nd July to reject all of these applications. At least 200,000 applicants must have spent a minimum of $2000 per application including attorney fees, medical exam fees, and other expenditure in putting together the supporting documents for this process. It is not just outrageous but inhuman of USCIS to treat one of the most qualified and dedicated legal immigrants who have chosen to be a part of this culture for its true believe in law and freedom.

  3. Waiting to apply for 485 for almost 5 years. Paid taxes and abide all the laws and developed lot of ties.It troubles and causes so much agony to undergo such deliberate act cursed upon all the legals.

  4. Spent so many years in this country for a depressing independence day in 2007??? I was happy until before July 01, 2007.

  5. Frank,You have valid points. I just read on Fox News that the total amount spent is close to 600 Million dollars in the last few days.

    Anil, I guess we are in the same boat.

    Masa, the wait never ends its seems

  6. Guys! America does not owe any of you a job! Get a job in India (or wherever you were born) and stop demanding that the United States provide you with employment!

  7. I am also on the same boat, 8K spent, i’ve been here for over 10 years and still no GC. don’t get me wrong, i love this country, but right now i am feeling like a bastard love child. daddy please love me?

  8. Re: “Bob! We’re talking about residence! These people already have jobs!”

    They want to live in the U.S. so they can work American jobs!

    But Americans don’t want any more foreigners living here or taking our jobs/lowering our wages! We have quite enough people here already! Please, go home!

  9. Bob, you are correct. It is a privelige not a right. And before any bleeding heart quotes “Send me your tired, your poor…” We are full. Don’t like our rules, go home. We can live without you, can you live without us?

  10. Re: “We can live without you”

    And just how do you plan to support our massive IT workers shortage? With our students’ declining interest in Computer Science?

  11. Re: “Bob. You are an idiot.”

    Ha! I am an idiot because I don’t want to live in an overpopulated country, filled with foreigners (many with highly questionable loyalty to this country (anything beyond a paycheck)) who compete directly against me in my job market and inevitably depress my wages? On the contrary, I think you’re the idiot.

    To put it another way: Why in the world would we WANT foreign workers here? We don’t! You have absolutely nothing to offer us.

    We can do all of our jobs just fine without you and earn higher wages doing them ourselves.

  12. Re: “And just how do you plan to support our massive IT workers shortage? With our students’ declining interest in Computer Science?”

    If there were truly a shortage of IT workers in this country (and there is not), then wages would steadily rise (in a desperate effort to entice more workers), and soon you would see the supply of workers increase.

    The laws of supply and demand guarantee that there are no long-lived worker shortages in any field.

    (Btw: The myth of the “shortage of tech workers” in this country is propagated by entities who simply want to flood this country with low cost immigrant labor to cut their own production costs.)

  13. Nothing to offer us but higher educations. America school system is screwed. When top US companies can’t find qualified local employees to help them compete on a global scale, what to then? Let another country, with easy immigration and higher education standards to begin with get all the tech jobs. Then America as a whole loses.
    If IBM re-located to India, there would be a HUGE uproar.

  14. Bob: I understand your patriotism. As an immigrant I appreciate the hospitality of Uncle Sam and every bit patriotic of America as you are.

    But before you say..”Go Home”, make sure you are shooting your own foot.

    Please understand that immigration follows the basic rule of economics…Supply and Demand. The skilled workers are here because America is facing a shortage of science majors/tech majors/health care professionals.

    Had Uncle Sam spent only a few fraction of the money spent in Iraq promoting Science and Techonolgy among young Americans, there would not have be any demand for us immigrants.

    Your interest in higher wages for yourself, is merely being self centric. I dont see how Uncle Sam is winning by giving you high wages. Your employer will transfer your high wage to the average salaried Americans, who may not be able to afford the price inflation!! So..bottom line even though you may be winning with your high salary, rest of America will not be able to afford basic amenities because your high salary is being transfered to them!

    So, arent we immigrants helping Uncle Sam by keeping wages uniform and inflation low?

    Eager to hear your comments.

  15. Re: If there were truly a shortage of IT workers… then wages would steadily rise

    They are, in the Silicon Valley. Not sure about the rest of the country, that’s true. And of course I’m talking about technologies in demand. It’s unfortunate, but in our field we must keep our skills up to date.

  16. Bob – Sk has make some valid points.
    While I didn’t intend to flame. But you really need a few lessons in economics, and develop a good understanding of the ways in which the free market works.

  17. I love it when someone I’m forced to work with is a person I can’t understand because they have such a thick accent.

    “When top US companies can’t find qualified local employees to help them compete on a global scale, what to then?”

    “Wages for H-1B workers in computer programming occupations are overwhelmingly concentrated at the bottom of the U.S. pay scale. Wages on LCAs for 85 percent of H-1B workers were for less than the median U.S. wage in the same occupations and state.”

    Wow it’s starting to look like companies don’t want local people. They prefer H-1B so they can screw

    The last link is lawyers showing companies how to ONLY hire H-1B workers. The lack of skilled IT workers in America is a MYTH made up by companies looking to same a dollar by hiring someone from overseas.

  18. I understand perfectly well how free markets work. (See my comments above.)

    Do you understand that if we allowed every tech worker into this country who wanted to come in: a) Tech workers would only be making about as much as WalMart workers b) You would not even be able to drive to work due to the overpopulation/congestion. (We are already nearly at that point today!)

    If you are from India, stay in India. There really is no need whatsoever for you to come here.

  19. There is no real shortage of tech workers in the US. There’s only a shortage of tech workers willing to work for less than they’re worth. The major IT industry firms like Microsoft, HP, Oracle are all participating in a huge fraud described below, and passing off the worker shortage story to the media and government.

    The more foreign workers we get over here, the more peons using Microsoft Windows and Oracle and Java we’re going to have to deal with.

  20. Some of you seem to be *very confused* about how the United States ever coped before we were flooded with immigrants…

    When my father was an engineer, he was able to afford a house, a wife and three kids, a car, annual vacations, save for retirement, etc.

    Today, I am an engineer (working a very comparable job, as a matter of fact), and I can afford very few of these “luxuries” today.

    It’s called the “declining standard of living” for middle class Americans, and it has been going on since at least the 1970s.

    The process of “globalization,” including mass immigration and outsourcing of work, has merely accelerated the very negative trend for middle class Americans.

    Don’t think for a moment that you are doing me any favors by working here in America.

  21. “And just how do you plan to support our massive IT workers shortage? With our students’ declining interest in Computer Science?”

    A shortage? I graduated from a local college this march with my BS in CIS. I had over 85 people in my graduating class with the same degree. So I guarantee there is no shortage of willing and able AMERICAN IT PROFESIONALS. There are too many companies that ship support overseas.

    As an American I hate calling support on the rare occasion I might need it. Why, you might ask because I can’t understand a damn word they say, and they cant understand me.

    I am more than willing to work in a call center, or performing basic PC/Printer Tech. But, instead I am competing with undereducated immigrants that always get the job because they will work for obscenely low wages and without benefits.

  22. Re: no need whatsoever for you to come here

    Bob, you’re not listening… People in the I-485 stage make a living. Hence by definition there is a need for them.

    Simple enough? Good.

  23. Bob – Unless you are a native American, your family were also immigrants. So seeking out a life in the US was OK for your family but not for others?

    Re Globalization – USA has been the biggest proponent of globalization. If you don’t like it don’t vote for representatives that support it. At least you have that option.

  24. Agreed. Its definitely true that all tech workers would be paid just as much as Wal Mart workers. That will certainly deter many immigrants from taking up the tech jobs as well. Isnt it?

    But keep in mind, Wal Mart is also the largest retailer in America and it is where the average american shops for the most economical goods.

    Regarding population…immigrants make up only a fraction of Americans. Race, Color or creed has nothing to do with traffic congestion. Its the lack of investment in roadway infrastructure thats causing over capacities. Americas interstate highway system was developed 50 years ago. No significant investment has been done in transportation infrastructure ever since.

  25. Bob, I think you need to understand what globalization means. Your fathers environment was certainly different than the global environment that exists today.

    Just becuase you may be prejudiced or afraid for your job, do not blame the people who are willing to sacrifice to be a part of this great nation. Rather you should focus on the corporations.

    Indians, Chinese, South Americans, Eastern Europeans, etc are here to make a difference and work hard at it. That is what America is about, not closing your doors and not looking outside.

    Think of it this way, if these immigrants do not come here, eventually the corporations will move the jobs over there.

  26. Re: “Bob – Unless you are a native American, your family were also immigrants. So seeking out a life in the US was OK for your family but not for others?”

    I’m very glad you raised that point, a very common fallacious argument. My ancestors arrived here about a hundred years ago, when the U.S. population was about a QUARTER of what it is today.

    Times have *completely changed* since then. We live in a completely different era today. Just as we no longer allow horse and buggies on roads, we can no longer continue to allow high immigration rates.

    Quite simply, to allow high immigration into the United States will literally assure its future destruction due to overpopulation.

    Here’s a video which details precisely how that is the case:

  27. Strange as it might seem but I came to this post via Digg 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your green card status. I recall many tales of people frantically rushing to complete their applications after USCIS announced their ‘current’ status. Hope it is bureaucratic inefficiency otherwise it makes me seriously question if in spite our skills and education, we deserve a second-class treatment.

  28. Re: “Indians, Chinese, South Americans, Eastern Europeans, etc are here to make a difference and work hard at it. That is what America is about, not closing your doors and not looking outside.”

    Quite frankly, we don’t CARE what the hordes (billions) of people around the world WANT.

    As you may or may not be aware, there is a global population explosion underway (primarily in developing nations), and it is certainly not the responsibility of the United States of America to provide for the wellbeing (including jobs) for all of these unfortunate people!

    If “Indians, Chinese, South Americans, Eastern Europeans, etc.” would stop having so many babies, then they would have much less strain in providing employment for their citizens.

    Make no mistake about it: America does not have to open its doors to anybody!

  29. Bob, you crack me up! Typical NIMBY behavior (with a twist).

    But don’t worry, you just might get your wish thanks to paranoid legislators. Labor is highly mobile and the skills and expertise will eventually flow to other countries like China, Korea, India, Australia, and other European nations that are more than willing to welcome them. You reject skilled immigration at your economy’s peril.

  30. Re: “Regarding population…immigrants make up only a fraction of Americans. Race, Color or creed has nothing to do with traffic congestion.”

    You are incorrect: Immigration accounts for the majority of population GROWTH in the United States today. In fact, without unbridled immigration the population of the United States would be leveling off and even *declining* in the near future, due to passing of post-WWII baby boomers.

    Once again, here’s a video which details precisely how that is the case:

  31. Re: “Bob, trust me population growth is good. Ask Italy!”

    I can’t think of any overpopulated country in the world today that I would want to live in.

    In fact, show me a modern industrialized nation that has opened its doors wide open to immigration without dire social consequences. (See Europe or the southwestern United States for a sign of troubles just beginning.)

  32. What is over-populated? US is a large country with plenty of room to spare. And Bob, your ‘modern industrialized nations’ are on the decline.

    Why is the world talking about China and India today when they talk about economic growth when in fact, they have the largest populations in the world?

  33. Re: Immigration accounts for the majority of population GROWTH in the United States today

    Bob, I merely responding to your claim that traffic congestion is caused skilled tech workers/immigrants.

    In way I’m glad to know that immigrants account for the population growth in the US today. So us immigrants, by paying our taxes and funding the social security are helping the post WWII baby boomers retire.

    Thats good. Isnt it?

  34. I was born in Canada, to American parents, which gave me the option of moving fluidly between the two countries, after some paperwork. That paperwork involved three years of waiting on a Certificate of Citizenship from the INS (now DHS). The entire first year involved complete limbo; no contact at all, no way to tell if they had even received my application, until they finally called me out of the blue almost a year to the day after I submitted the paperwork originally. It took two more years of meetings and paperwork to finally get my certificate. I recall the first meeting with my case officer; her cubicle was filled and stacked to the ceiling with boxes of files, and I jokingly asked if they didn’t provide her with space to file old paperwork. She responded that no, those were her current, open files. (I never gave her a hard time after that about how long it was taking. I consider myself lucky that I had the same case worker through the entire experience; I suspect turnover rates in that department are rather high.)

    That’s what an American citizen had to go through to get a piece of paper to prove it. May your deity of choice help you if you’re unfortunate enough to be a non-citizen trying to naturalize (all of which is handled by the same agency).

    I encourage my fellow Americans to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship any time I can; it’s your right as an American to have one, and the process of obtaining one should give you an insight into what I think the real problem highlighted by this article.

    I’ll spell it out: INS/DHS is broken, in fundamental ways. Their caseworkers are disgustingly overworked, often having thousands of active cases at a time. The heavy burden of paperwork, legal filings, meetings, and the scam artists/legal “experts” who make a business out of this are an unnecessary drain on both the resources of the applicants, and our economy. And because the average American as never dealt with this (until recently; has everyone received their passport yet?), there’s been no vested interest in fixing it.

    (Bob, I actually agree with you for the most part, but I don’t think the real issue raised by this is that we have more people trying to immigrate than our economy and physical space can presently handle; that’s a separate problem, that deserves its own discussion. The problem is we have a grossly mis-managed agency handling those cases. Your tax dollars at work?)

  35. Bob – Can we know the company that you work for? Is it a US based company with or without global offices? Do they sell their services and products in other parts of the world or only in US? Are their profits from other countries ploughed back into the US economy? Do they have Americans working in their other country offices? If yes, isnt their an interplay between countries and people? Doesnt US consumer companies lick their fingers when they see populous countries like China and India where they can sell their products? What do they do with the money that they earn from these countries -pay fancy perks and salaries to their top management.

    The primary drivers for outsourcing and hiring immigrants in highly skilled jobs is due to large degree of inefficiences in the American Corporate structure & culture. If the Japanese carmakers didnt come into this country, then the Americans would be still driving oversized, gas guzzlers, poor quality vehicles. Dont the Americans now drive much more fuel efficient, hybrid, high quality cars, the innovation for which was driven by Japanese car makers? Where are GM and Ford today? BTW, what car do you drive? American, German or Japanese?

    Further, Wall Street is very unforgiving that if you miss your guidance even by a penny. The analysts have so much say that the future of an American company and their strategy is determined by what they write and say. Change this culture first, then you will see American Corporations keeping jobs within the country, pay fancy salaries to their employees and operate at low marging and inefficiently.

    Also, can American economy run without foreign oil, investments in the US stock markets by Japanese & Arab governments & people?

    I assume you have read World is Flat to get a better perspective on outsourcing and immigrants.

  36. Re: “What is over-populated? US is a large country with plenty of room to spare.”

    Only in desolate, remote places like North Dakota.

    Most major U.S. cities have become so overpopulated that housing is unaffordable and daily commuting has become a nightmare.

  37. I think it’s hilarious that you have any faith in India’s system, which is based upon bribes. Talk to someone from there who has had to transfer property or do anything with the legal system. They will tell you that you bribe someone to get in front of the miles-long line at the government office, then you have to bribe the worker to ensure he/she doesn’t find any typos in your application and/or deeds. And if they find out that you’ve been to America, they of course change their price to a higher bribe. That’s how India is, and these great Indian politicians you speak of aren’t doing anything about it – do you want America to be like that?

    Of course, legal immigration is good, and enriches this country with skilled professionals, some of which I have worked with. But, there are also many US-native professionals looking for work. I have no problem with the government slowing down immigration to help kids find jobs after college.

  38. RR, I work for a very well-known Fortune 100 company in the U.S.

    And here’s how it goes:
    Like most U.S. corporations, my company LOVES globalization, because it means greater access to international markets and lower labor costs (via outsourcing and immigration) for them. However, obviously, most of our company’s workers HATE globalization, because it only offers them reductions in their standard of living.

    In summary: Most U.S. corporations LOVE globalization. And most U.S. workers HATE it.

    And it’s really not hard to understand why.

    And by the way: I will pre-emptively address a talking point that frequently comes up in this discussion: Doesn’t globalization mean lower costs for goods for Americans? Yes, we currently import many inexpensive (and often cheaply made and dangerous) goods from overseas (such as China). However, this actually has much more to do with differences in international currency rates and labor working conditions than with any inherent “efficiencies” of other nations. Example: The average Chinese factory worker makes about 25 cents per hour the last time I checked. (The Chinese worker can live on that pay in China. However, an American worker obviously cannot live on that pay in America. However, this is entirely due to currency exchange rates between U.S. and China and has nothing to do with Chinese workers inherently being better or more efficient than U.S. workers.)

  39. re: no problem with the government slowing down immigration to help kids find jobs after college

    We are not talking about people fresh out of college, about to immigrate.

    We are talking about people already in the country, working, for up to 10 to 12 years. That is to say, seasoned professionals.

    The way you put it makes it sound like it’s perfectly fine to block their legal process, so that they lose their legal residence in the US, thereby getting deported and losing their situation, home, etc… so as to “help kids find jobs after college”.

    Please tell me that you meant in fact that you’re okay with the government bringing down the cap of H1Bs, i.e. limiting the number of people initially coming in. Deportation is serious matter.

  40. Hi all,
    This is cheating and misleading.
    You can decide upfront not to have immigrants come in. I m all that.
    But here our Govt. promised to allow the workers file for their last stage and in 10 days changed their decision.
    Oh and in last 50 year this document was never revised.
    Tell me it is not politically motivated?

  41. Btw – if USCIS is able to proceed and finish 60000 cases in about 10-12 days. They should recieve an award and question should be asked – why are they not that efficient on other days.

    Tell me also shouldn’t we ask them to downscale their employees. Why are we paying so much of tax dollars.

    Oh also Congress should immediately stop the fee increase also.

  42. Yup, I am working as a web designer in the UK and I agree with Bob as well.

    The people working in IT in US are working their asses off not to lose a job to someone in India.

    The people working in IT in India are working their asses off to get a job of someone in US.

    I think the solution would be to work in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic etc., where it’s not worth so much employing someone from India et al.

  43. Interested reading all the comments. I’m a UK citizen and came over to the US 2.5 yrs ago as part of a company merger. When I came over here our US office had about 10 workers. We now have nearly 30, 4 of whom I’ve employed as part of my move over and are well paid American IT techs.

    Whilst I see everyone’s POV, take into consideration that not everything is black and white. Branding everyone as intent on coming over and stealing jobs from Americans is just plain naive and a little pathetic. Many immigrants help the US economy and job market rather than strain it.

  44. Bob:

    The Computer you are sending your messages from is – Made in China

    The clothes you are wearing are – Probably made in India or Bangladesh or Mexico

    The car that you drive is – Probably made in Mexico

    So why all the fuss. Just accept the fact that today is the era of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. There is no need to be so antagonistic about your feelings.

    And BTW the professionals in India work on obscenely low wages no more. We probably live a more lavish lifestyle in India than you do over here. We can afford to have 4 maid servants and two chauffeurs while you are still doing your own dishes, your own laundry etc.

    Then why do we choose to live and work in America, because – We are more educated than most of you here are. You should have watched the Jay Leno street show where he interviewed a few teenagers in Los Angeles asking what the capital of United States was….and guess what most them answered LA, NY etc and some of them didn’t even know where Washington DC was.

    So please before you verbally abuse the legal workers who work for the betterment of this country, take a look in your own backyard!


  45. Bob,

    Why should the workers in your company hate Globalization? I am sure your company has been able to hire more people across the organization in the US due its products or services being sold in other countries.

    You can look at it the other way and say that if your company was not in the Fortune 100 and was say a Fortune 1000th company then it might have hired lesser people in the US, hence providing lesser job opportunities.

    I am not entirely sure if your workers standard of living has come down due to globalization or the company is too big and has grown too fast, which has resulted in the imbalance in pay and in turn standard of living. It has to be combination of various internal and external factors and not just Outsourcing and immigration.

  46. Fellows,
    Why do you even bother talking to Bob? He’s doing what every Nazi worth his salt did in Germany: blame somebody for his problems. (I seriously doubt he finished any college, by the way, unless it was some evangelical college of engineering… Just a regular little demagogue.)
    The USA was/is the unrelenting champion for globalization, and has brought endless suffering to billions everywhere. (Look how good globalization and free market turned out in Russia, or in Africa, South America, and how it’s going to turn out in Iraq. Before they know everything will be in the hands of private companies.) Now these hungry multinational corporations are devouring the US population as well. The problem is not immigrants, legal or illegal. The problem is the curious fact, that the US had put its hands on a huge chunk of the world’s wealth, and this wealth right now is in the possession of ~3% of the population. These people will treat their own population the same way they treated any third-world country. And just as the Nazis did, they blame somebody else.
    By the way, the US would be a marginal little sh@thole, if it wasn’t for the immigrants. There would be no nuclear superpower if it wasn’t for some German, Hungarian and Italian scientists. There would be no computer, no biotechnology, no Silicon Valley. Because, simply put, the educational system here turns out only brain dead zombies, like Bob. There’s no reasoning with him. Just like with that moron in the White House, reason has nothing to do with him. He thinks with his gut. The archetipical “litte man”. Can’t you feel the smell of the beerhouses and burning books?

  47. I think that immigration into this country is good, it’s good for everyone. However, so long as it is done by the rule of law. Our law. I am however against anyone who is here illegally and then demands all the rights of a legal citizen. For them they should be sent back to the gates and made to come in legally. Other than that as I said immigration is good for everyone. But done come here by sneaking in and then saying you owe us all the right you have and we demand them right. Nope that’s wrong.

  48. BOB .. You’re a stupid Fu**!! Go and live alone with ur family and friends on a deserted island.. Others – why are u even bothering to talk to such a jackAss?

  49. Wait a minute, the globalists are accusing an isolationist of being a nazi? WTF? I guess al and the rat must be indians. Sorry huddled asses, we’re fed up and full. We don’t need ya, we don’t want ya, and the future of this country will again be decided by those of us who vote, not our temporary guests, no matter educated or entitled they think they are.

    Wait until we pull the plug on citizenship applications and leave you all sitting around crying because we have the one thing you never will, A VOTE!

    Good on ya, BOB!

  50. Take your SINGLE vote and shove it up ur Ass BOB! You are talking as if you are representing the whole USA.. tells me one thing – You must be driving FORD F-150 and you’re are a redneck!!.. and you maggot, my screen-name is AJ, not AL .. Go back to your cropfield now and make sure you do your job right!! Thats what your fathers did here when they came here.. All the progress thats been made in the last century was definitely not by anyone you know directly!! So Git r Done Biatcch!!

  51. One thing is for sure, If you come into this country by sneaking in. you have no rights. You have no demands. For all the people who come here within the rule of the law. All the power to them and welcome. For you who do not. You have no rights. You have not earned any go back and do it the right way. But do not sneak in to our country and demand rights that you have no grounds getting.

  52. Jack, good point there. But people who read this blog post is most probably legal.

    Bob, your wage argument is wrong. I can assure you most IT people at the I-485 stage(do you even know that I-485 is?) get paid a lot more than you do. And the companies are willing to paid it. Also the wage requirements are set by the government.(like you said, to make it fair for people like you.) If you still don’t like it, contact your favorite congressman.

  53. bob,
    small suggestion. before u curse immigrants for your failures, try to stop the patriotism coated racism and shut the hell up. these people are talking about the july bulletin’s affect on their life and not your jacked up life style and loser career.

  54. aww.. poor li’l Bob is feeling threatend by ‘undereducated immigrants’ who want to take away his li’l job. Maybe if you went someplace marginally better than community college, or even worked better at moving to middle management in your dead-end job, you wouldn’t be so worried about your job moving overseas.

    Consider the possible scenario; Your Fortune 100 decides to stop hiring all these pesky foreigners whose thick accents put a damper on your average workweek. Since your Fortune 100 would also end up paying the awesome salary for your insignificant job so that you could afford your car payments their costs would be higher than par globally. Soon enough, your giant corporation would flounder (General Motors rings a bell?) and they’d either 1) go into bankruptcy and fold or, more likely, 2) get taken over by a private equity firm which would quickly identify you for the gigantic redundancy that you are and ship your job off to India. Either ways, you suffer. I guess now you realize why you’re still paid your meagre little salary. Your capacity for argument clearly justifies it.

  55. Dear “Americans” fulminating against Indians,

    I need to point this out but your ancestors came to US,illegally,by today’s standards. Now Indians and Chinese are coming in,legally and whopping your ass. Cry as much as you want but you Americans (referring specifically to the white ones cribbing like a crybaby about how nice your dads lived in the 50s under Jim Crow laws, a time when your dads’ inherent steak and A1 sauce dumbness could be covered through exploitation of non-whites) are going to be redundant soon. The Mexicans will do all the menial jobs and the Indians and Chinese are going to do the smart jobs. That is because you guys can neither use your hands and earn a day’s honest labor nor can you can add two and two. So how will you keep yourself occupied?

    By inbreeding in your trailers, watching American Idol and living off tax dollars Indians and Chinese contribute to the USA (since they have the jobs).We do not mind of course paying for your extra mayo and cheese fries since we as Indians and Chinese feel a karmic obligation to support God’s dumb creations.

    And oh those dumbasses who talk about our English being not upto the mark, do teach your vice president to learn to spell “potato” and your President to pronounce “nuclear” and get one sentence in straight before pointing fingers at others.

    Now enjoy.

  56. The recent announcement of USCIS and DOS really slow down the momentum for getting permanent resident here in this great country. By now lot of Computer professionals, Doctors, Attorney’s lost trust/belief in the Immigration system and their practices.

  57. wow what a heated debate i read from top to bottom well done everybody so much hate and abuse?
    So we can all agree that the immigration issues will take another 200 years to put right. its a good job we have rational immigrants comming here to fuel democracy and keep the racist bigots under control.We can all be proud of the efforts of the new bread of immigrants willing to travel here to educate fellow beings on the very basic human rights!

  58. For all those who are whining about immigrants taking away their “jobs” – What a bunch of crybabies. If you are so smart, so educated and if you know it all, why are you afraid of immigrants taking away your job??

    All you have to do is update your skill set, work harder and compete. Isn’t the whole nation built on concept “capitalism”?

    At least you don’t have “thick” accent. You as a citizen have access to many resources than immigrants who are on visas with limited abilities.

    Stop whining please!

  59. I noticed a lot of your comments in conclusion
    to form descrimination in either oposition or not
    oposition to this curent immigration issue.

    The realy key is who is an american?

    “An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German,
    Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek.

    An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or
    Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan.

    An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans.

    An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim.

    In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them chooses.

    An American is also free to believe in no religion. For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.

    An American lives in the most prosperous land in the history of the world.

    The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of
    Independence, which recognizes the God given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.

    An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need, never asking a thing in return.

    When Afghanistan was over-run by the Soviet army 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country!

    As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan.

    Americans welcome the best of everything…the best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best services. But they also welcome the least.

    The national symbol of America, The Statue of Liberty , welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed. These in fact are the people who built America .

    Some of them were working in the Twin Towers the morning of September 11, 2001 earning a better life for their families. It’s been told that the World Trade Center victims were from at least 30 different countries, cultures, and first languages, including those that aided and abetted the terrorists.

    Because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American!

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