Will Lata Leave ?

Over the last few days there have reports of about the government finally moving ahead with the proposed Pedder Road Fly Over link

Talking to reporters at Vidhan Bhawan in Mumbai, Deshmukh said the proposed flyover ”is a necessity” and the government is in the process of ”obtaining necessary clearances” to begin construction on the project by this year-end. [ link ]

Lata_Mangeshkar.jpgOn the heels of that announcement comes another one. Firstly, for every newsworthy story in Bombay, there has to be a celebrity attached to the cause. And in this case it is India’s Singing Sisters.

In the past there were stories about how the sisters Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale had threatened to leave Bombay for good if the fly over was built. They live on Pedder Road and they feel that the passing of the fly over from there will disrupt their neighborhood.

And because of their celebrity status, the politicians are out to appease them

Maharashtra Minister for Public Works (state public sector units) Anil Deshmukh will meet melody queen Lata Mangeshkar and her sister Asha Bhosale on Tuesday and convince them of the need to commence work on the Peddar Road flyover. [ link ]

Whether the fly over is a good idea or not is a completely different issue, and not the point of discussion of this post. It is in all respects a short term solution. This is typical of most infrastructure decisions taken in the country !! pedder%20road.jpg

Lata continues to say

the actual issue was being sidelined by the speculation on whether or not she would continue living in Mumbai.

“Whether I live in Mumbai or not is nobody’s business and it will certainly have nothing to do with whether or not the flyover is built here or not. I am being targeted as though I have committed a crime,” said an agitated Mangeshkar.

“Every resident of Pedder Road is scared. This is a proven seismological zone. If there is drilling on the road, the foundations of many buildings will be shaken.” [ link ]

Now the crux of this post is……Will Lata and Asha Leave ??

Do you think that they will stand by their word and leave the city for good ?? And do you think that the city will be better off with them leaving, rather than holding the citizenry ransom ??

I personally think that they wont leave. What do you think.

Do you want to put a wager on this ?? If you think she will leave, then how soon do you think they will leave after construction starts. In a month, six months, year, after completion ??

Comments are open. Speak your mind.


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  1. I really dont think she’ll leave the city. Though it really matters not to me or to more than a million other people. Sooner or later she’ll realise that no matter how famous a celebrity she is, she will never be bigger or more important than Mumbai, the city.

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