Germany wil go down to Italy:World Cup Soccer 2006

That is my prediction. Only time will tell if I am right or wrong.
On current form, I think the Italians are turning out to be the sleeping giants. They have stuttered and spluttered in the earlier matches and are coming together just in time. In exactly the same way, France is.
On the other hand Germany started with a bang, and since then has had a few close encounters, especially in the last match against Argentina.
On performance, Germany seems to be a front runner to win the Cup, but then if that was always the case, then the word “underdog” would not exist.



  1. Am not one of the skeptics but let me tell you sth you’ll be very fascinated to read.

    What World Cup and history have proved:

    * The WC has since 1960 alternated between Europe and South America all the time and it proved right. A European team will win it this time.

    * Spain still cannot beat France; I told my friends repeatedly Spain is a good side but can’t muster any chance of winning

    * England still cannot beat Sweden. A few seconds left, it had to end all square and it did.

    * France made it 3 consecutive wins over Brazil. 1986 QF, 1998 F and 2006 QF and France has never lost a World Cup QF. Proved right!

    *Germany have never beaten Italy in the World Cup or in any competitive game. WC Record for Germany vs Italy : 2 draws, 2 defeats last time in the 1982 Final when Italy won 3-1.

    Here’s a very interesting fact…sure many skeptics have found it out:

    1970: Italy lose 4-1 to brazil in WC Final. (L)

    12 yrs later… 1982 and Italy win 3-1 over Germany (W)

    12 yrs later…. 1994 and Italy lose to Brazil in the final (L)

    12 yrs later… u well calculated it, it’s 1994+12 = 2006 and Italy logically should reach the final and WIN!!!


    Let that be proved correct Today and on Sunday 😀

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