World Record for watching TV

Watching TV is something I am not too keen on. The only programs i watch are comedy shows, or current affair and news programs. Therefore what Suresh Joachim is attempting; is a great feat.

Sri Lankan from Canada; Suresh Joachim trying to set the Guiness World Record for marathon TV viewing by watching ABC for 75 hours straight.

He broke the record of 50 hours, 7 minutes today on “Live with Regis and Kelly”.

He ends his bid on the Regis & Kelly show Friday morning. If you want to cheer him on, you should go to the ABC studio at 67th St & Columbus in NYC before or around 10 am Friday.

You can watch him live via webcam

His own website has a media release on this event.

His wife and little baby have been with him, helping him stay awake during the marathon and she could use some help. Anyone RELIABLE who can volunteer to hang out with him while she gets some shut-eye during the night, should also e-mail his publicist



  1. Isnt this feat really one of staying awake than watching tv? Because if you can stay awake for 75 hours, then thats winning half the battle.

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