Worldwide Vigil for Kashmir earthquake

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On November 8, 2005, on the 1 month anniversary of the South Asian earthquake, 20 cities worldwide will hold a vigil to grieve for those who have lost their lives, provide hope for those who have survived but are living in deplorable conditions, and highlight to the world and the media that a lot more needs to be done as time is running out. Please join SAQUAKE.ORG to show your support and attend these events so our individual voices can be one loud message of hope and action. See a list of participating cities below and for full information about vigil locations and contacts please go to

Participating cities include:

Amsterdam, Netherlands; Arcata, CA; Atlanta, GA; Bay Area, CA; Boston, MA; Canberra, Australia; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Minneapolis, MN; Montreal, Canada; Los Angeles, CA; Olympia, WA; Ottawa, Canada; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; San Diego, CA; Toronto, Canada; Troy, NY; Washington D.C.;

Vigil for the Victims and Survivors of the South Asian Earthquake

To grieve for lives lost, provide hope to those still struggling to survive, draw the world’s attention to the work that still needs to be done : Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Check or for participating cities and contact information.


On October 8, a 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck South Asia effectively destroying entire towns and villages. Due to the severe cold weather, lack of shelter, and lack of urgent medical attention, the tragedy wreaked by this disaster continues.

As of October 28:* 74,000 confirmed dead in Pakistan; 1,500 dead in India * Over 15,000 are believed to be school children.* Over 74,000 injured * Over 3 million+ homeless in Pakistan * 10,000 children at risk of dying in the next 2 weeks from hypothermia * 100,000 survivors at risk of dying in 4 weeks **These numbers will rise significantly in the next weeks as winter sets in**

Join our vigil so our individual voices can be one loud message of support, hope and action. THEY STILL NEED US — WE MUST NOT ABANDON THEM