Zidane: Dirty Terrorist ??

I DON’T think so !!

If the Italian Marco Materazzi did call him that, I think its a very bad deed on the part of the Italian, something that he should be severely punished for. Maybe even take away his gold medal.

I am sure Zidane knew the importance and the relevance of the match. And his position in that moment in time. He was the most valuable player in both the sides. In a penalty shoot out, he was a near surity for scoring.

While we wait for the parties involved to speak, read this Reuters report.

PARIS, July 10 (Reuters) – France captain Zinedine Zidane was apparently called a “dirty terrorist” by Marco Materazzi before he head-butted the Italy defender in Sunday’s World Cup final, the anti-racism group SOS Racism said on Monday.

“According to several very well informed sources from the world of football, it would seem that the Italian player Marco Materazzi called Zinedine Zidane a ‘dirty terrorist’,” SOS Racism said in a statement.

Zidane, the son of Algerian immigrants, was shown a red card after the incident and Italy went on to win on penalties after the match was tied 1-1 following extra time.

The Toronto Star has an indepth write up on this issue here.

Reflecting on Zidane’s outburst

How could you let a feat-filled career finish with a vicious head-butt? This entreaty to Zinedine Zidane that echoed across the sporting world Monday was especially poignant in France.

For many French people, losing the World Cup to Italy was secondary to the pain of Zidane’s exit from the match and the sport. Some shuddered at the example he offered youth from immigrant backgrounds and rundown housing projects dreaming of being the next “Zizou.”

Yet other signs showed that France will ultimately forgive this favourite son — even if the outside world never does.

French President Jacques Chirac proudly embraced Zidane as the team enjoyed a rapturous homecoming Monday. And masses of fans spilled into the Place de la Concorde and cheered the captain as he bowed his head to them from the hotel balcony.

Zidane, surrounded by his teammates, remained silent, as he has since he reared back and rammed his head into Italy defender Marco Materazzi’s chest in Sunday night’s final. He was sent off and France went on to lose the game 5-3 in a penalty shootout after it was deadlocked at 1-1 after extra time.

Read the entire article on The Star’s website.